Sworn Brothers (1987)

Sworn Brothers is a 1987 Hong Kong action crime drama film directed by David Lai and starring Andy Lau and Cheung Kwok-keung as step brothers on the opposite sides of the law as a triad and cop respectively.

When Lam Ting-yat was little, his father died and he was raised by police officer Uncle Pau and was very close to his son Ngan Kwok just like brothers. Now Kwok has become a police inspector who just came back to Hong Kong after training in the Scotland Yard and Ting is a triad member working for crime lord Yeung Tung-hoi. Despite being on the opposite side of the law, they still maintain a close relationship.

When Kwok came back to Hong Kong, he and his father and Ting had dinner and afterwards they went out and competed on who can pee the longest in an alley. There, they see a police officer Shek, nicknamed Portuguese, harass a call girl and Ting fights with him and Kwok helps him and cuffs Shek on a cart and pushes him down the alley.

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