Sword of Tsubomi (2016)

Director: 荒木健治 Kenji Araki
Star: めぐり Meguri, メッセージ未 Shijimi, 小関シンジ Shinji Ozeki, 月島テンニョ Tenyo Tsukishima,              鶴田真由 Mayu Tsuruta
Country: Japan
Genre: Ninja, 18+


In the Edo period, the obscene demons that had been sealed for a long time awakened one by one, raiding the town, killing people, and raping women and women. Tsubomi, the granddaughter of the Kurenai family who is responsible for destroying the demons, is named by the grandfather Kurenai Jiro as the 15th Yamada swordsman. Tsubomi is like a normal ladies who want to play around the yamma swordsman refuses to stop it, but the fate of the 15th Yama was born as a swordsman thinks his fate is born and eventually accepted as fate. One day, Nagata, a young man who wants to enter the red flag, appears. The figure is converging and Nagata-zetsubomi of skillful martial arts is unknowingly chest-blowing …

Watching Link Here: Sword of Tsubomi (2015)

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