Hold Me Instead of My Husband (2011)

Director: 榎本敏郎 Toshiro Enomoto
Star:早川瀬里奈 Serina Hayakawa, 桜井和典 Kazunori Sakurai, 江尻ケンジ Kenji Ejiri, 真田ユッカ Yuka Sanada
Country: Japan
Genre: 18+, Housewife,


‘Yuichi’ who saw ‘Lee’ at a sales office. Yuichi, who constantly strives to become acquainted with “Rie”, develops into living together while participating in a travel project planned by Rie. However, the relationship between the two becomes louder as time goes by, and ‘Yuichi’ travels alone to a place like ‘Lie’. Then I meet a woman in the village where I met in the middle of the village, and ‘Yuichi’ starts attracting her more and more … .

Watching Link Here: Hold Me Instead of My Husband (2011)


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