My Lovely Maid (2006)

Other Title: 가정부와의 불륜 MY LOVELY MAID “DIRTY SERVICE”, 私の愛したメイド
Director:奥渉 Wataru Oku
谷戸あき Aki Yato, 遠野春樹 Haruki Toono
Country: Japan
Genre: Erotic, 18+


But the horse is a maid, and what she does is indeed unthinkable. When you feed the die of the master of old age First, put it in his mouth, then cool down, mouth to mouth, medication to his chest, Repeated daily work for sleep.
One day, the elderly owner encourages Lyn to get a job and dies, saying that life is short. World Lynn, who does not know, luckily gets a job at a maid café that does not know when to go to hell. Made of a lifetime of learning Cuddly and attentive hospitality cafés make up a million cases …

Watching Link Here: My Lovely Maid (2006)


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