Lofty Dreamed Girl (2015)

Director: 小渕アキラ Akira Obuchi
Star:麻生希 Asou Nozomi
Country: Japan
Genre: Romantic

Synopsis: A sincere alpine cypress in a small neighborhood spa. He wanted to become a cartoonist, but he was rarely given the opportunity, He lives with his parents who are suffering from fishermen working in the country, and earnestly working part time for his living expenses. His goal is to save breakfast costs within 50 yen. However simple it is not easy to eat. Yet Kenta strives without giving up or giving up. In the spa where he works, I get a little bit of information about her through the conversation of my regular customers.
One day, Okamoto, one of our regular customers, wanted to work at home, I accept an offer to borrow a room for ten thousand yen. And Kenta, who came up with Yuasa’s missing earrings and got her contact by chance, is excited, In fact, Okamoto was in charge of Yuukawa affair, and found out that he had borrowed the room as a place of rallies.

Watching Link Here: Lofty Dreamed Girl (2015)

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