Ghost Hospital (2016)

Director: 殷国君 Yan Guojun
Star: 孟鹏 Peng Meng, 李昌熙 Chang-hee Lee, 白歆惠 Bianca Bai, 罗家英 Kar Ying Law
Country: China
Genre: Thriller, Ghost

Synopsis:Phase transfer, the hospital chi heavy, sometimes encounter some things can not explain, the film recreates the hospital’s many strange thriller events, tells the story of the encore with her boyfriend off days go to the hospital, but her boyfriend into the surgery after the chamber and have not come out. The encore started looking anxious, she found empty operating room, and the entire hospital becomes empty. At the same hospital also began a variety of strange, morgue resurrection Inferi, hallway flashed ghost, underground garage monster appears, boyfriend cry for help coming from the phone, as if the whole hospital is hell ……

Watching Link Here: Ghost Hospital (2016)

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