Sword Master (2016)

Director: Tung-Shing Yee
Star: Kenny Lin, Mengjie Jiang, Peter Ho, Yiyan Jiang
Country: Hong Kong, China
Genre: Action

Synopsis: It follows A Ji (Kenny Lin), a powerful swordsman who, haunted by the lives he has taken and tormented by the expectations of the head of his clan (Norman Tsui), goes into exile and lives life as a lowly brothel janitor, where he meets Li (Jiang Mengjie), a kind-hearted prostitute who goes through abuse and humiliation to support her family. But A Ji’s past will not let go : his once-betrothed, Murong (Jiang Yiyan) is looking for him : their marriage would have sealed an alliance between the two most powerful martial arts clans. ; and then there’s Yan Shisan (Peter Ho), a man who wishes to duel with A Ji in a bid to become to greatest swordsman in the martial arts world.

Watching Link Here: Sword Master (2016)

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