High School Teacher (2001)

Director: 今岡シンジ Shinji Imaoka
Star: 中西さやか Sayaka Nakanishi, 鈴木敦子 Atsuko Suzuki
Country: Japan
Genre: Adult, Romantic

Synopsis: The school teacher, Sayoko, lived happily with her husband, Koichi. One day suddenly, Sayoko gets raped and from then on, she has a hard day hiding it from her husband. In addition, the perpetrator sends a photo of assault and puts mental pressure on her. However, Koichi did not know the fact and found out that her opponent had tormented Sayoko, and Saiyoko was comforted by Takao, who was at the scene of the assault, knowing that her husband was having an affair. Eventually, however, Sayoko and Koichi find that they love each other and they find each other.

Watching Link Here: High School Teacher (2001)

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