Mask the Judge (2017)

Director: Feng Haitao 冯海涛
Star: Chen Linsheng 陈霖生, Cui Yongxuan 崔永炫, Liu Jingyi 刘静怡, Song Meier 宋美儿, Wang Mingming 王明明
Country: China
Genre: Action, Rated R

Synopsis: “Yelang legend of the face of the judge” to Guizhou Yelang ancient legend of the ancient legend as a background, through the “mask, a legend, a continuation of the process of inheritance” throughout the continuation of Nuo opera mask, masked judge’s mysterious qualities, A story of love and hatred of a national hero. As early as the Millennium mysterious country – Yelang country, the original life of happiness, but was the invasion of the devil and broke the original calm, so Yelang Guozhi will bring together the energy and justice mask In addition to evil, and the identity of the judge also spread to the descendants of Jin Yifei this generation. At the same time, the head of the devil Zion also never give up to resurrect the devil, so a war of the times to start this war.

Watching Link Here: Mask the Judge (2017

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