7 Days Afternoon Affair (2007)

Director: カミノ太 Futoshi Kamino
Star: 小林あゆみ Kobayashi Ayumi, 센자키 유지 Youji Senzaki
Country: Japan
Genre: Adult

Synopsis: On a Monday night, Ari and his friends had a drink. Ariru, who drank a lot of alcohol and walked home to Orakatsu, accidentally spent one night with her. From that day on, the two become sex-related regardless of morning or night. At the same time, Arly goes to her house and indulges in each other. It is the seventh day after one week. Suddenly, Okatsu disappears. Okatsu ‘s friend comes and tells the story that she has a fiance and wants you to leave.

Watching Link Here: 7 Days Afternoon Affair (2007)

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