Ebola Syndrome – 伊波拉病毒 (1996)

Country: Hong Kong
Director: Herman Yau Lai-To
Language: Cantonese
Circuit: Golden Harvest
Genre: Horror
Rating: III (Hong Kong)

Synopsis: This variation on a theme of The Untold Story is just OK as a horror film, it was just alright but there were too many similarities between the two films for my liking. Wong Chau Sang plays the villain quite well but the film was a little too gratuitous. If you approach it as a shock B (or C) horror film, you will get a few laughs at times, totally over the top in story line and by some of the actors but it wont scare you as such. Maybe back in 1996 it may have been more horrifying? Hmmm I doubt that actually, I think it was and remains a silly, over the top film, well how many films have some one being killed by a mahjong table for instance? All in all it is pretty ordinary and there are many better films out there, whatever the genre! I guess I knew this, even before I watched it but I had to, dare I call it a guilty pleasure of sorts? That sounds awful now I read it but if you liked The Untold Story, you may just like this one.

Watching Link Here: Ebola Syndrome (1996)

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