Comfort Women – 軍妓慰安婦 (1992)

Country: Hong Kong
Director: Bruce Le
Circuit: Cathay
Genres: Adult, War
Rating: III (Hong Kong)

Synopsis: As the end credits state, it was 1991 when the Japanese govt finally and publicly acknowledged that Comfort Women did in fact exist. It is clear that Bruce Le partly made this film as a result, perhaps to cash in, but his performance is quite sincere too. There is no shortage of nudity, including full frontal. There is a very nice, if brief, mass shower scene early on. Unfortunately and incredibly, Lily Lee is not among the fully nude, although she was still doing it in other films at the time. And, another exploitative/historical angle. They manage to mention 731, the notorious bacterial research unit. This is where Lily’s character, her body rotting from the inside with syphilis, is eventually sent. These scenes are truly horrifying.

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