Loved A Rapist (2015)

Director: 林カワケイてる Kayashi Hayashi
Star: 水樹リサ Mizuki Risa
Country: Japan
Genre: Adult

Synopsis: Hibiki was raped by a man before meeting her husband Otsuki, Because of it, I can not relax with my husband after marriage. In the end, she will confess her past secrets to her husband. I get farther from my husband. In fact, the bigger secret has been that since Hibiki was raped, he became a body that he could not feel unless he was a rapist, I was meeting him in secret. In addition, the man is no different than his husband Kenji Ueda company employees. On the other hand, Otsuki begins to make an affair with Kanae, a company employee, when relations with Hibiki become wished. But Ueda sees the two of them meeting secretly at the company, and he tells Hibi that he will not tell Hibiki. We propose to 3P with Kanane. To Otsuki and Kanane which responds unavoidably to continuing intimidation of Ueda. After that, Ueda’s harassment continues and Kana eventually quits the company. Otsuki who is devastated returns home and realizes that she is only Hibiki wife, and she loves hotly with her for a long time.

Watching Link Here: Loved A Rapist (2015)

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