Wife’s Friend Reunion (2016)

Director: Lee Ri-dan (이리단)
Star: Hyeon Ah 현아, Jo Gi-tae 조기태, Lee Jae-gwan 이재관, Lee Tae-jin 이태진, Seo Won-I 서원, Wang Hoon-ah 왕훈아
Genre: 18+, Romantic
Country: South Korea

Synopsis: Ji-yeong is a good looking, slim and big-breasted insurance planner who is really bad at her job. Dae-cheol, her school friend, suggests she sells some insurance at the friends’ reunion where alot of wealthy friends will show up. Ji-yeong doesn’t really feel like it but she dresses up sexily and goes to the reunion. For some reason, her results at work are getting better and better every time she goes to the reunion…

Watching Link Here: Wife’s Friend Reunion (2016)

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