Service To Melt Away (2014)

Director: 箱だ紳助 Shinsuke Hakoda
Star: 友田真希 Maki Tomoda, 山口マリー Mari Yamaguchi
Country: Japan
Genre: Adult

Synopsis: A sexually transmitted movie that depicts the story of a married man who falls in love with a housemaid of a deadly charm. Miyuki has lost a place to go to divorce with her husband after her marriage against her parents. She works as a housekeeper for the Kanda family to start her own life. However, wife Miharu of the landowner Kanda Koji mourns Miyuki regardless of the time and place in order to alleviate his frustration. Miyuki who became compassion for couples and Miharu couple why but why. Then one day she gets a call from her husband, Karasawa. Karasawa, who calls Miyuki with her bait as bait, takes her to the Love Hotel and forces her to film all of them.

Watching Link Here: Service To Melt Away (2014)

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