407 Dark Flight (2012)

Genre: Horrors, Mystic
Runtime: 105 min.
Country: Thailand
Year: 2012
Director: ISAR Nadi
Actors: Marsha Vattanapanich, Peter Knight, Paramezh illicit trafficking, Patchari Tubtong, Ancha Hassadevichit, Thich Vachabul, Namo Tunkomnerd

Synopsis: Ten years ago young stewardess named New York together with his crew suffered in a plane crash. The board of BP 407 crashed, falling into the sea, and New York was one of the few survivors. Despite a thorough investigation into the causes of the crash, New argues that the reason served as an angry spirit. She was forced to undergo treatment in a psychiatric hospital, to regain access to flights. First, after a long absence from the sky, flying is the eldest stewardess New strange feeling. This aircraft it somewhere already seen. Young technician Ben served outside the aircraft, while passengers are accommodated in the cabin. Strange knock Man attracts attention. With the luggage compartment floor, he raises the unknown object. Suddenly the door slams shut. Colleagues do not respond by radio, and the guy is still on board. Flight SA407 was taxiing to the runway and starts to run. The wheels detach from the runway – all are in the air. Before New unfolding vision of the past. The spirit of her past here! The Spirit and the ghosts of the dead want to ruin all the plane.

Watching Link Here: 407 Dark Flight (2012)

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