Delicious Cake (2016)

Alias: 맛있는 떡
Director: Lee Seung Hwan 이승환
Star: Bagjaewan 박재완, Eunjisu 은지수, Gimjuyeon 김주연, Ina 이나
Year: 2016
Country: South Korea
Genre: Romantic, 18+

Synopsis: I will help your love not fly! Min-Kyung gets tired of love affair. Jeong Dong loves pianists. They each join an unidentified secret company that helps keep their love from those who love hard love to keep their love. Minjung and Jeongdong The two couples are headed for the secret company’s lodge on the promised date, There, a company employee and a keeper, K, greets them. K is proposing to give Min-Kyung and Jung-Dong time for one day, and they are worried about their judgment …

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