My Wifi or Wife (2016)

Director: 杨墨源 Yángmòyuán
Star: 张驰 Zhang Chi, 王李丹妮 Wang Li Danni, 罗紫茜 Lo Ziqian
Year: 2016
Country: China
Genre: Romantic, Rated R

Synopsis: Single Cock wire erxian, in an accident encounter perfect girlfriend pomegranate, pomegranate but bewildering life experience, Miss? Rich second generation? Ghost? unknown. Erxian around relatives and friends of pomegranate exhibit strange looks, erxian puzzled. He accidentally entered a drug dealer living in the home, drug traffickers shot missed the pomegranate, pomegranate erxian that accidentally killed a pomegranate in the treatment process, and found that only a pomegranate inflatable doll. Erxian can finally let go and start a new life.

Watching Link Here: My Wifi or Wife (2016)

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