Lady samurai : Ninja Brainwash (2013)

Director: 藤原健一 Kenichi Fujiwara
Star: メッセージ未 Shijimi, 佐藤義弘 Yoshihiro Satou, 吉沢明歩 Akiho Yoshizawa, 木下ゆずカー Yuzuka Kinoshita, 稲葉良一 Rryoichi Inaba, 鬼怒川や加藤 Nakato Kinukawa
Year: 2013
Country: Japan
Genre: Action, 18+

Synopsis: After completing all the missions, Lyn returns to Shogun. At that time, there is a spy among the people, and it is dangerous for him to get a message to help Shogun … The Shogunate rushes back to Edo and tries to find a spy, but he gets caught by the ninjas. Lynn, who finds Shogun and finds the ninja’s lair in his foot, is also beaten by them. Then the ninjas begin to sexually torture Lin and Shogun for their purposes …

Watching Link Here: Lady samurai : Ninja Brainwash (2013)

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