Vampire Sex Diaries (2011)

Director: 友松直之 Naoyuki Tomomatsu
Star: カーミカ何 Amu Kamika, 久保シンジ Shinji Kubo, 原田アキに Akie Harada, 友松直之 Naoyuki Tomomatsu
Year: 2011
Country: Japan
Genre: 18+, Vampire


Synopsis: Yuki is a daughter born between genius pianist Yukihiko Higashiyama and geneticist Puyunohara. Yukihiko Higashiyama, the son of a prestigious family, falls in love with Puminohara and flees from home. After Yuki was born, Yukihiko (Yuki father) died and Pumi (Yuki mother) leaves a will to go to Higashiyama clan before Yuki.

Watching Link Here: Vampire Sex Diaries (2011)




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