My Pale Lover (1993)

Alias: 情難自制
Country: Hong Kong
Languages: Cantonese Thai
Genre: Adult
Rating: III (Hong Kong)

Synopsis:The film opens in Club Venus, somewhere in the HK nightclub district, but with topless (and sometimes bottomless) Thai go-go girls gyrating to Thai pop music and even talking in Thai, this scene could well have been filmed in Patpong. Anyway, after much confusion and random changes of scene and people having sex just about everywhere, the story eventually settles down to be a wacky relationship quadrangle. Warning : this film has no subtitles, so some of what follows is guesswork. Mu Gwai (Rose) is an office manager who fancies Gum Sing. Gung Fei (a sort-of Chinese Don Johnson) runs the nightclub and is fancied by tit-bouncing good-time-girl barmaid Sei Kee, much to the annoyance of Gung’s girlfriend, the bar manager. Mu and Sei swap jobs, Mu is attracted to the leather-jacketed Gung to the annoyance of Gum, who is then pursued by Sei. A number of the scenes are pinched from Pretty Woman (the HK one), including the one where a woman walks in on a man having a headjob under the desk.

Watching Link Here: My Pale Lover (1993)

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