The Beauty’s Evil Roses (1992)

Alias: 色降II之血玫瑰
Alias: The Beauty’s Evil Rose
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Adult
Rating: III (Hong Kong)

Synopsis: A beautiful stranger, Yan-Hong (who is one of the Roses), wanders into Inspector Liang’s office, takes her gear off, then turns him into a zombie-servant of the Evil God. Policeman Cheng tries to get his wife, who is also an Inspector and his boss, in the mood for sex, but she handcuffs him and walks off. Ah-Kong and his sister, Sao Mui, are out for a stroll. Ah-Kong is also trying to stop his lovely wife Mannie from posing for nude modelling. Yan-Hong is arrested by Cheng and is interrogated, then she reports to her superior, the leather-clad Dai-Jeh (“Big Sister”), who practices her evil laugh and hands out a whipping as punishment. Later, a dozy Taoist priest is called in to exorcise the Beauty and her Evil Roses. The priest fails, but lays the groundwork for the final showdown between good and evil.


Watching Link Here: The Beauty’s Evil Roses Part 1

Watching Link Here: The Beauty’s Evil Roses Part 2

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