Spy Eyes (2017)

Alias: 诡眼 隔墙有眼
Director: 欧阳奋强 Fenqiang Ouyang
Star: 兰岚 Lan Lan, 廖越 Yue Liao, 文梦洋 Mengyang Wen, 施展 Zhan Shi, 钟馨研 Xinyan Zhong
Year: 2017
Country: China
Genre: Rated R, Thriller

Synopsis: By the three years of prison suffering Xu Dawen, released from prison after he found the twins of the twin brothers Xu Dawu, long time to meet the two brothers meet each other because of money disputes enemies, from the day, the fate of the two also completely Change, first coincidentally encounter a variety of bizarre terrorist events, and then often feel around as if there is always a pair of strange eyes peep at their own. And all this seems to have pointed to the three years ago that “accident”, female college student Li Li due to unexpected conditions slip down, unfortunately died, Xu Dawen for death caused by death, was sentenced to three years imprisonment. Injustice has a head, the debt of the Lord, this one after another strange things and that lingering eyes, whether it is dead Lili back to their quest, or another person from the fool, this seemingly simple “accident” They become the death of the cause of death, and the two deliberately hidden three years of “secret” is gradually surfaced …

Watching Link Here: Spy Eyes (2017)

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