House of the Damned (1999)

Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Circuit: Newport B
Genre: Ghost
Rating: II B (Hong Kong)

Friends Kiki (Teresa Mak) and Big Bust (“Lonely”) take up accommodation in a Hong Kong housing estate flat with creepy old wheelchair-bound lady Aunt Nan (Helena Law), unaware of the prior unexplained death of the former hostess girl tenant (Yeung Fan). Pretty soon a ghostly force is attempting to rape both girls, prompting their friend Chak (Chapman To) to call on movie-star chauffeur and exorcist Chiu (Eric Wan) to expel the salacious spirit.

Director Bosco Lam, of A CHINESE TORTURE CHAMBER STORY fame, proves once again that his prior hit was a real one-off. Pretty average, apart from some totally gratuitous nudity (thus, viewer discretion is advised for younger audiences), and the narrative runs on an inverse PSYCHO thematic. Adult thematics and Taoist mysticism kept me interested, I don’t know how other viewers would fare. However, if ghostly rape, needless nudity and cornball slapstick is your bag, then I’m sure there’s worse B titles out there than this one. Notable for an early appearance by Chapman To in a supporting role.

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