Temptation of Seduction (2016)

Director: Imin 이민
Star: Dana 다나, Seowong 세웅, Taesan 태산, Yoon Ji 윤지
Genre: Adult
Country: South Korea
Year: 2016

Synopsis: I went to the cottage to celebrate the holiday, Jinju and Sujin. Jinsu is deprived of the pure beauty of Yura who is the master of the mountain. I want to approach Yura while my girlfriend is taking a shower. She is dancing sexy in front of another man. Jinsu, who witnessed the tempting sight, falls further into Yura. After all, Sujin and Jinsu return to the hut after returning home to stay with Yura for one night. The next morning, greet Yura The essence of leaving the hut is confronted with unexpected things …

Watching Link Here: Temptation of Seduction (2016)

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