Detective Office: Gnome’s Face (2016)

Director: Lee Dong-hyeon-II (이동현)
Star: Han Geu-rim 한그림, Kang Hyeon-joong 강현중, Seo Eun-seo 서은서
Genre: 18+, Thriller
Country: South Korea
Year: 2016

Synopsis: Jin-young and Seo-yeon are married couples who overcome many differences. But my dear wife Seoyun committed suicide. The unknown Jin finds out the detective office and asks Hyun Jae to investigate the reason why his wife committed suicide. And it tells me that Seon – yeon ‘s mother – in – law is related to the cause. Hyun-jung, who visited the South Korea, intimates that the camp is hiding something from his statement. And I know Jin-hee, a college alumnus and psychotherapist. Hyun-jung knows that Jin-hee is a hypnotic expert and feels that this event is related to hypnosis. Hyun-jung persuades the camp and visits Jin-hee together and starts to ask about what happened on the day of the incident. In the end, Jinhei begins to reveal the truth of all the events …

Watching Link Here: Detective Office: Gnome’s Face (2016)


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