Hot Tub Party Massacre (2016)

Director: Chris Greenaway
Star: Chrissy Cooke, Sarah Foster, Stu Ford
Genre: Thriller, Rated R
Country: USA
Year: 2016

Synopsis:The sisters of the Delta Omega sorority won a free weekend at a luxurious hotel & spa. They planned on having a fun and steamy weekend. However, things go from steamy to bloody when an escaped serial killer checks in to the hotel and crashes their party. The heat will be on at the HOT TUB PARTY MASSACRE!!!

Watching Link Here: Hot Tub Party Massacre (2016)

Critic: Convicted serial killer Fred Banning has escaped from death row and is back on the streets which is unfortunate for anyone who crosses his path. He had previously killed 11 girls at several campuses across the United States and now he wants to add to that number. The girls of Delta Omega sorority have won a weekend at a luxurious spa, so of course we get to see them showering, pillow fighting and having sex with the boys who invade the weekend getaway.
As luck would have it these boys aren’t the only people to get into the building and they are all soon hunted one by one by our crazed serial killer. Is HOT TUB PARTY MASSACREoriginal? Hell no, but it is a good attempt at the types of slasher films it aims to give a nod to from the 1980’s.

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